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Sony's foot
20/6/08 12:19:48 PM

Thinking of gettign a sony camera, but one thing has been bugging me.

This 'Active Foot' thing.... quite the unique idea.

plug a mic in, its a mic, plug a light or flash in, its a flash, etc.

What I was wondering is: How is this actually run? Is there an IC in the actuall 'accessory'? or does the camera just accept a small range of accessories and determine which one is plugged by what it recieves.

I ask, because id like to make my own Line-In source (which i could do by dismanteling a sony add-on mic etc) but thats $100.

I dont even own the camera yet, im just a curious guy like this. Can we, the elite, use this connection for evil?

4200+X2 939, ASUS A8N-SLI-D, Ati HD3850, 1gb,1tb total HDD, 109 DVD, LG DVD-rom.
Quote by Girvo
I've got a wicked tiny one that is ridiculously sensitive.

21/6/08 12:17:50 AM

I'm only guessing, but it's probably like the connector on the bottom of many a mobile phone can be used for charging, hands free, plain head phones, data transfer etc. There may be ways to work with it but probably not nice ones.


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