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Domain name transfer - clientTransferProhibited?
5/9/08 9:46:26 PM

Not sure if this goes in "web design" but it's the closest thing I could find that somewhat fits what I'm trying to ask...

Anyway, my sister has had a domain- tinkerbelle.net

It expired on the 27th August, and she was not able to renew it in time.

She's trying to renew it now, but the person that she got it registered with (expressdomains.com.au - some dodgy reseller imho) says that they can't, they've locked the domain (hence clientTransferProhibited?) and they're asking for a $20 fee to allow her to transfer it, which includes renewal for 1 year- is this generally acceptable? or are they trying to rip us off?

We want to get a different person to have the domain registered under, so going by what he says, I have to pay $20 for them to renew it, and then pay another company to get it transferred to them. Can't I just pay the other company to get it transferred?

Help please!

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5/9/08 11:06:06 PM

Looks like they have stopped you from transfiring it to another hosting company. you may need to just pay it

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6/9/08 12:01:33 AM
Yes, once the domain expires - you may have a grace period where you can reregister the domain (min 12 mths) - and then move the domain away.

The reregister should be no more than registering the domain normally, however you would kind of be at the whim of your current reseller in relation to this, as you either pay it - or lose the domain.

You _can_ leave the domain and wait for the grace period to finish (can be up to 30 days from expiry) and renew it with your prefered registrar - but this is REALLY NOT RECOMMENDED! Someone will either beat you to it, or your reseller might do a GoDaddy - where they'll renew your domain for you - and then sell it off to the highest bidder.

Anything worth doing, might as well be done right.

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