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Web design for gaming community
16/7/08 6:15:27 PM
Myself and a friend are working on this site:

It runs on mambo, with a simple machines forum. We've managed to get a bridge working, but our experience with mambo's back end thus far has killed our enthusiasm for it, and we're looking at other options.

For an idea on what we want, the sites menus give you a fairly big idea. Blogging, event announcements, perhaps a calender, post videos etc. Nothing blogging software like wordpress can't do. What I'd really like to do though is with each post on the site, have it post a topic on the forum, and have the comments point to there as well, not too unlike:

I'm not confident that the wordpress to simple machiens options are really viable from looking around. Want I want to know is what other cms/blogging software options might serve our purpose. That or any good resources of information for doing this stuff ourselves.

Also any design tips are appreciated. I'm aware of the default mambo div layout making things look fugly among other things, and generally not a lot has been done with the css. We'd eventually like something with a bit of colour, as we'd tired of all hell of the black or gun metal gray gaming websites around.

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26/8/08 12:24:08 AM

Sorry i can't help much, but may i suggest Drupal, it tends to come up often when mambo or joomla is discussed.

Drupal can blog and has a basic forum module, i'm sure there are better options within it for what you are after. Maybe asking something like this over at the Drupal forums will get you better answers.

Good luck =)

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26/8/08 10:27:31 AM

Wordpress + phpBB.


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29/8/08 8:32:39 PM

Your banner image is really too frosted/misted, you need to be able to see the characters behind it.
A second feature is edgings around each text post data e.g. maybe use something such as rounded corners to box in the data p/post.
Another feature of graphics is shading called "gradient" in imaging editors is what makes edges on elements such as controls for the 3D 2D projection effects whether single , muti-coloured or grey scaled.

As for forum posts, look on google for "mysql" and "forum software".

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4/9/08 1:10:51 PM
designed you're own. try phpBB or pre-made go for invisionfree.com


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