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3/6/08 9:08:32 AM


I'm going overseas in about 5 months. This leaves me with the problem that I may be out of mobile coverage at certain times, leading to problems if my servers go down.

We have 3 dedicated servers for our business. All are Fedora with WHM/cPanel. We have hosted DNS and a server management company for most problems.

My business partner is not up on all the technical knowledge and it'd be a huge load off her mind if she has someone she can call if we have issues and have them look into it.

If you have experience in WHM and Hosting, please send me a PM. I'll make sure everything is rock solid before I go, and you probably won't have to do anything. You'll obviously be able to set your own reasonable hourly rate.

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3/6/08 3:14:41 PM

If I'd used WHM before I'd throw my hand up straight away. Good luck :)

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24/6/08 1:36:53 PM

I could probably help if you haven't found anyone yet. I use WHM / CPanel for everything at work, and as long as I don't have to do anything directly linux related like ssh'ing into the box directly or something I'm sure I could help out with pretty much anything that could go wrong.

Whats your contract agreement with the server management co.? It might be worth talking to them and upgrading your SLA for the months you're gone instead of getting a random. Surely they have a 24hr number?

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