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CSS Website Layout
17/5/08 10:33:05 AM
It's my first time using CSS to make a website layout. I've been watching some tutorials about it on youtube ( http://youtube.com/watch?v=I3Q_tof_ZY8&feature=related ). I've been using Dreamweaver and these things called AP Divs. I went through it all making a div for the header, content, footer and so on. It looks good but when I type into the content div too much it goes over the footer div. It's postioning type is on absolute, and i'm not sure what setting I must change so instead of the content going over the footer it pushes the footer down with it therefore making it look a lot neater. So what am I doing wrong? Remember it's my first time using CSS for layouts.


17/5/08 11:21:14 AM

are you able to show us what you've done so far? if we've got something to look at, it's a lot easier to pinpoint what's causing the problem.


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17/5/08 6:58:32 PM

Your talking about HTML element squeeze.
Your problem is there is a "height" setting somewhere.
Height settings are browser dependent(if supported).

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17/5/08 10:51:41 PM

If you use absolute positioning that will happen.

Since you're using absolute positions, your footer div starting position can't be fluid. Don't use absolute positioning, you shouldn't need to for what you want to achieve.

Have a look here.

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