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Recommended hardware for Autodesk Maya 8.5 and Adobe After effects 7
28/5/08 4:32:55 AM
Hi everyone, I'm looking for a graphics-card for using Autodesk Maya 8.5 and Adobe After Effects 7/CS3 and I'm not exactly sure what critiria I'm supposed to look for. could anyone recommand a none expenssive (200$-400$) graphic adaptor?

will a good Nvidia gs/gt be better than a simple quadro? I was thinking about the Nvidia gt8800, is it good enough for stable renderings and stable work flow?
Thanks ahead,
Yotam Rozin


28/5/08 9:03:33 AM

What are you going to be doing in Maya?

I use it heavily at work (sometimes for weeks on end on a big 3D project), and I'm only using a Geforce 7900 GS.

Any Nvidia card will do really, unless you are planning to work on MASSIVELY complicated scenes with a shitload of polygons.

Graphics card has zero effect on any final results (I guess hardware rendering aside, but screw that), so you need to think about what you'll be working on and what you'll need to keep your viewport smooth. It has absolutely nothing at all to do with final rendering though.

I can lag mine with a lot of toon shader strokes, paint effects, and otherwise only very high poly scenes.

Quadros are of course the best cards to be using, and you should get one if you can, because it's just better to have the extra power when you may need it, but if money is an issue you can really get away with using anything.

Just stay away from ATI.


28/5/08 10:59:25 PM

A workstation card vastly improves work flow, as complicated scenes will playback in animation mode in preview in wireframe and shaded in real time, as will be moving the scene around etc.

edit: hardware rendering in Adobe After Effects sucks, at least in version 7, afaik it completely disables things like motion blur.

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Welcome to the eternal hell of my world, where it is Christmas, all year round.

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3/6/08 12:41:01 AM
Try the FX 1700. See nvidia's maya benchmarks for more info. This card can't be sli'd like the FX 3700 but is around half the price.


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