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Modeling Helper Tool.
1/2/08 12:59:26 AM

This is a program I wrote to aid modelers of real life items, such as buildings and vehicles. It's basically designed to make it quick and easy to compile data from your subject source, the thing you're modeling.

Once you are finished with your measurements, you can save your work as a .csv file for easy viewing in any spreadsheet software.

There is also a global scaling factor that you may specify at the start. This is if you are measuring off a photograph and you know that a certain measurement from your physical measuring device should translate to a real-world measurement. If you want to apply this to each entry of data, it's easy just to set this scaling factor before you begin. It's also easy to perform changes if you export your data to a spreadsheet of course.

Here is the program, it's an online application:

NOTE If you wish to save your project for future use, you'll need to bookmark the page that you are up to. You cannot re-open

o Go to the link above!
o Enter the name of your project
o Enter the scaling factor, or enter the number 1 for none
o Describe the part
o Give the measurements for the three dimensions
o Click the 'insert' button and your item will be added to the list
o If you wish to leave the project for a latter time, bookmark the page
o To export your project, click 'process and save' and you'll receive a link to download your .csv file.

Let me know if this is helpful to you. Remember, the main idea is for rapid, no frills data entry, with the ability to export your data to a portable format.

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1/2/08 5:57:54 AM

looks interesting.

Im making Gothic architecture at the moment, if I can work out an approximate scale of certain reference images ill give it a go.

Seems like it would be handy in the right circumstances, vehicle visualization for example, especially getting into adding 3rd party parts to cars (mags etc).

Good job

A possibility for the .csv output is to incorporate it into 3d packages, a plugin to set up the 3d world units and reference planes to the correct scale.

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2/2/08 3:22:29 PM

I plan to beef it up and make it more practical, by allowing accounts and a way to 'get back' easily to projects you were working on.

So basically, it is designed to be a rapid fire data entry interface with the end result being general format data.

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4/2/08 10:38:43 PM



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