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Google Chrome?
8/9/08 5:30:36 PM

Quote by Swoosh
so given the clean minimalistic interface and the fact that it so far seems to be faster then firefox i think i'll stick with chrome for now.

Yeah the speed's mad.

I've recently found some useful add-ons for FF, making it near perfect, but the speed of Chrome is making it hard for me to let it go. If only they had a Task Bar auto-hide option.

I've also warmed to the CTRL-B Bookmarks access, as I don't really go into my bookmarks that often that I need anything in the main Chrome window all the time.

More handy keyboard shortcuts...

and the world so hard to understand
is the world you cant live without

8/9/08 6:33:59 PM

Yeah the bookmarks thing i thought was a little inconvenient at first as well. However if you open a new tab, on the page there is a bookmarks link. Also most of the sites I frequent are on that tab page. I think it would be good if they implement a feature to let you put your favorite sites there rather then base it on your browser history. i.e. my uni website whilst I don't frequent it that often, it would be really nice to have on my front page. Also with my screen res, I could easily support a 4x4 block of sites.

But I've found that even in Firefox I've pretty much memorized the URL's of most of the websites I frequent, so I usually just type the first few letters of the URL and let the auto-complete take me to the sight I want.


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