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Video framestep forward and back
2/9/08 3:22:14 AM

I'm trying to go through the new Watchmen HD1080p trailer frame by frame to get a better understanding of special effects compositing.

At first I tried GOM Player (default F key to move frame by frame) but it doesn't have the feature to back one frame, and it lags when I play 1080p.
So then I tried Media Player Classic and it has the feature to go back one frame (default LEFT arrow key) but it doesn't fucking work.

Move forward one frame (RIGHT arrow key) works fine.
I even tried changing the move back one frame key to something else and it still doesn't work.
I then downloaded the latest version of MPC and it's stull fucked.

Is this a MPC bug or is my DivX in need of an update?
Can someone test the MPC framestep and report back.
Also, is there any video playback software that allows forward and backward framestep?
At the moment I am using Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 but this is laggy.

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