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Dictation/transcription & simple video edit/cutting software
1/9/08 12:18:11 PM

PC/Windows XP software only, please.

I've got a fair bit of video, about 8.5hrs, of one of my grandfathers talking about his early life and his involvement in the 2nd World War.

Currently it's sitting on one of my drives divided up into several 1.2GB files.

I'd like to make a transcript (there should be one hosted on an ADF or Veterans website somewhere, the videos were made by one of those groups, but I can't find it).

I'm planning on cutting the thing down to a 90-150 minute piece that'd include the things that'd be interesting to non-family members (all of it's interesting to us in large part because until recently the man didn't talk much about it).

After I've done the transcript and planned a cut I'd like to edit.

So... the videos are of low quality MPG2 having been transferred from a particularly crappy set of VHS's (as supplied by aforementioned group).

I can rip the audio out easily if need be to be compliant with any dictation/transcription software, don't need any advise there.

What I DO need is an easy way to note "this was said at minute 34, second 22 during the second file" or something like that, to make cutting a lot easier.

I need the ability to type and just hit a couple of keyboard buttons to stop, start, go back a couple of seconds, go forward a couple of seconds etc. etc. without using the mouse or having to alt-tab to another program.

Then I need a good, easy to use program to cut the video together. The ability to include simple things like introductions to sections with a black background and white writing (every program has this, yeah?) would be useful too.

The ability to create a subtitle file from the transcript would be neat as well, but not necessary.

I'm willing to buy software, but not spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars, and I'd like to know what advantage a purchase program has over a free equivalent if possible.

*EDIT* Oh, and a program that can easily crop (in the way you crop a photo, not cutting off the start and end of a vid) the video would be nice. There's a lot of useless green-screen background and the bastards included a big number timer counting at the top of the screen in the VHS they provided. I could crop almost 50% of the picture out.

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