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Give me a gun....
12/8/08 11:58:02 PM

Outlook 2007 is driving me crazy. Supporting 400+ users using Outlook 2007 is....need I say more. My problem......

Users with access to multiple mailboxes cannot search their 'secondary mailbox'. Or, if they can they don't find any results. It seems to be an indexing issue but am unable to find the correct answer.

Do I need to wipe the slate clean on both Outlook AND Vista/XP to reset the default indexing? Or...
The 'secondary mailbox' does not appear in the indexing list when the user with access searches. Do I need to add it somewhere?
Or, do I need to just give up and burn the office down? :P


14/8/08 1:46:49 PM

Have you tried Thunderbird?

I know this is contradictory to my 'ie vs firefox vs opera' Open source, VS closed source argument.

But when it comes to Outlook, I must say, thuderbird is a whole lot more usable imo.

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14/8/08 8:43:43 PM

Yeh, I'm a Mozilla man myself but unfortunately corporations use everything MS and generic. Oh well. I trolled some forums and found that it's a standard feature of Outlook 2007. Kinda like having to print out entire emails :P

Thanks for the reply.


15/8/08 7:30:26 PM

Have you tried the Windows port of Evolution?

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18/8/08 6:22:48 PM

damn corporations, when will they learn...


20/8/08 4:12:58 PM

Or, do I need to just give up and burn the office down?


we use outlook 2003 here at work..it's so slow! :(

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23/8/08 12:11:34 AM

I can't use a desktop app based email client anymore. I use that many different computers that I'd need to keep them all in sync. I could use IMAP, but what's the point of having a desktop app installed when I can have gmail manage all my email for me, and I can access it from almost any computer with a web browser.

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