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Picasa not seeing drives
30/7/08 6:46:17 AM

Unsure of where to put this, so took a punt on here. I run the Picasa image manager app in both windows and Linux, and in linux it can see and read my other mounted partitions fine, including windows, but the Windows installed version can't seem to see my ext2/3 storage partitions, despite both being mounted with the ext2 driver for windows ( http://www.fs-driver.org/ ), and both being designated drive letters under windows. They seem accessible by everything else, but Picasa can't seem to see the drive letters, which is awkward, as that's where all my images, vids, etc are stored.
Does anyone else have this issue, or any idea what I can do to get it to see those drives? Gives me even less reason to use windows if it can't catalogue my stuff from there. Would be nice if I could on the few occasions I feel the need/desire to reboot into it.

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1/8/08 10:13:56 AM
I would guess that google has hardcoded something in, instead of using the common API. If that is the case, then there is nothing you can do.

Maybe making a hard link from the root of one of your ext2 drives on a drive picasa can see?

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