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Obscure Office 2007 Problem - Please Help
10/6/08 9:52:39 PM
I have Office 2007 installed on a number of machines running XP Pro. Everything has worked quite well, each system is connected on a gigabit network, with 2 quad core machines bearing the load of all the data storage. Of late on all the machines bar 1 when I first open an Excel or Word document in office 2007 (.doc or .docx formats etc) the document appears then Excel or Word freezes for about 10 seconds and then your all good. This doesnt occur if after opening the first document you open a second one. But if you shut down word or excel the next time you open it the same problem will occur. I have tried to re-install Office 2007, I have tried to repair it, I have looked thro as many settings etc I can think of. I have searched google and the MS Knowledge Database with no luck on a solution. Has anyone else had a similar problem or know of a solution.



11/6/08 9:50:38 AM

Opening files across a network - tends to give a lag as when you open a Word or Excel file, it creates a bunch of temp files. When you open on a local hard drive, the lag isn't seen.

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17/6/08 9:27:49 PM

You do realise that the processor has nigh on zero to do with opening documents on a net share?

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20/8/08 8:52:17 AM
We somtimes have the same problem in Access 2007, But only if someone else is using the same data base. We have just learned to live with it.


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