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The big At0mic Mac troubleshooting guide
24/5/07 5:14:20 PM

Quote by SquallStrife
A handy trick if your Mac is having trouble reading a CD/DVD, and this is causing hangs or boot delays, hold the mouse button while powering up, and the disk will eject.

Awesome one. One I use often. Adding. Thanks!

I have to take my hat off to you all. I am really happy with the feedback this thread is getting. All these Atomic mac users, all hidden for so long, all coming to the party. Awesomeness.

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It's running with a smile...it's better than the last time that I tried...

26/6/07 9:47:10 AM

Booting with the "t" key held down, enters the target disk mode (did anyone specifically state that?)
Booting with the "c" key held down, boots from the CD.
Booting with the "option" key, shows the available operating systems to boot from (but doesn't change the default).

Go to /Applications/Utilities and use activity monitor to check out whats up if your computer is acting funny. In addition to networking/CPU usage like windows, it shows disk writes/reads etc, as well as having different ways of displaying some or all of the active processes. You can kill processes here if they don't display as an application using "three finger salute", and you aren't Command line savvy.

So, you can kill off osX's webserver here in a flash. You can tell if a process is hogging disk space, and how much memory is free and page file is being used. Very useful!

If you are using apple networking gear, then the network administrator in the Utilities folder is 100 million times better than the wizard programs.

If you want to install software off a CD/DVD from apple etc without going through all the install options (Like 1 bit of software off the xcode dvd) then just double click on the .pkg to install it.

Also, big +1 to adium.

Lastly, if your computers are set up for SSH and FTP, then you can connect using secureFTP to them on the local network using a menu option in cyberduck.

Cyberduck is an awesome FTP software, and the fact that it lists all the computers it can connect to on the local network is a big plus!

Also, growl is useful!

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17/7/07 10:43:27 PM

Anyone with a G3 Blue and white with the REV: 1 mainboard knows this, it has a faulty IDE chip that corrupts data on secondary drives but apple refused to replace the boards with the REV: 2's

Yes linuxV2, sadly the old Yosemites (Blue & Whites) come in two flavours. The rev1's have the buggy CMD chip which is a pci646u2 and the unbugged rev2's are 646u2-402. I'm still running one heavily in daily operations as a file server off an external shelf connected to a firewire2 card. To avoid it cooking your data, lash out for a OF flavoured SATA or SATA2 card off OWC's site for around 70$au inc shipping and drop a 10krpm raptor on it. You'll avoid the bugged chipset and more than trebble the disk speed.

Of interest, the bugged rev1 chips are only problematic with ata66 drives *AND* >12gb. They are still ideal for running a dvd burner off.

The config in the yosemite I have is thus:
* 600Mhz PPC7410 "nitro" (G4) Daystar cpu @800mhz
* Caching SATA2 card + 74gb 10krpm raptor
* 1gb ram (sadly maxed).
* Firewire800 + USB2 card
* Gigglybits etherweb
* PC Radeon 9250 flashed to be a mac ed 9200 in the 66mhz
slot and with PCI Extreme so you get quartz accel on
a pci slot.

For such an old clunker of a mac, they can be pimped out
quite nicely and still do real work. Rev 1's for some reason
are also quite a bit faster (lower latency?) than the rev2's. I've seen them consistently bench about 8-10% faster and my friends went through a phase of yosemites and gossamer's so there was plenty. My advice, ignore the problem, put your burner on it, go buy a sata card on the cheap from owc.

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adb -w -P "world> " -k /dev/meta/galaxy/ksyms /dev/god/brain

13/8/07 12:44:17 PM


When logging on as a user, enter >console instead of a name, and no pwd, and it boots into the Darwin command line.

If you click portraits instead of logging in, it obviously won't work.

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2/10/07 12:17:35 PM



contain .plist files, which are preferences in some kind of xml form.

plutil -s *.plist - Test whether all the preferences in the folder are in correct xml format.
rm -i `plutil -s *.plist | grep 'plist:' | sed 's/://g'` (with sudo for /Library/Preferences) deletes any that fail the test.

If they pass, they are not listed. You can see the list by removing the -s from the first one.

NOTE: This does not test whether the preferences are workable/stable for your machine, only that they aren't randomly corrupted. You can go rm *.plist in both locations to remove all .plists, and this might restore system activity depending on your error. Mileage may vary.

If you boot up and only the spotlight icon appears in the menubar, remove all the widgets from their respective folders (/Users/<me> and /Library ones) and try. This often fixes the issue. Replace them one by one and see which one is broken/corrupted.

Additionally, try zapping the plists to fix this issue.
Works 90% of the time.

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Eli Roth & Quentin Tarantino - "[Nick Frost is] the funniest man on earth."

29/10/07 4:37:05 PM

Hey Guys,

Some screencapture tips for Tiger at least. Can't remember if works in Panther.

Screen Capture Tips:

Command-Shift-3 (entire screen)
Command-Shift-4 (click and drag selection)
Control-Command-Shift-3 or 4 (Will capture to the clipboard)

Change the format of Mac Screen Capture filetype
Launch Terminal (Applications->Utilities->Terminal)

Type the below command:

defaults write com.apple.screencapture type image_format

where image_format is one of the below:
-JPEG 2000

Give me some Atomic

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4/2/08 12:20:37 AM

Hey guys. Does 10.5.Whatever Leopard is require all of this trickery? Or is it pretty f'n stable?

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9/2/08 10:08:43 AM

Quote by kunzie
Hey guys. Does 10.5.Whatever Leopard is require all of this trickery? Or is it pretty f'n stable?

It's all "stable" I guess. It all comes down to how much tinkering you want to do. Generally speaking, I've found 10.5.x to be a more stable, robust OS than 10.4


I don't own a computer.

9/5/08 11:09:42 AM
Can someone tell me what ports etc I need to open up on my Windows machines' firewalls so that my Mac can see the network shares etc? I've found that if I turn the firewall off, I can see them and access them using the guest account, but once the firewall is on, they are completey blocked, even using the Go->Connect to server option with explicit addressing like smb://ip_address/share_name fails with the firewalls turned on...?

Can someone also give a bit of a guide to configuring the Leopard firewall so that the windows boxes on my lan can access shares on the Macs?

Thanks in advance.

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13/8/08 10:12:27 PM


I could explain it myself but this has nice pictures.

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