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Sharing Files to Mac Book
29/8/08 11:08:13 AM

Is easy enough, but randomly (as in no set time interval) storage(my RAID array) will disconnect. Its as if the server dissappears i cant rdp it either using CoRD.

Yet if i start up parallels type the IP in there (either RDP or explorer) it works fine.

I understand the issue is probably related to samba but anyone know of a fix?

Servers running Server 2003 Entreprise x64. Mac Books all up to date :)

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The Tick 
1/9/08 9:16:10 AM

I had a simliar issue and tried a whole variety of things to fix it.

While I ultimately found a dodgy switch was contributing to it, there were some other things I did to make the network run more efficiently.

Since I was also running Windows 2003 server on the network in a domain environment, I enabled DHCP at the server end, not from my router on my network. With the reverse lookup, I found that DNS ran more smoothly. I have in the past on someone else's network found that modifing their DHCP server to provide the Windows 2003 server as the primary DNS server also helped.

Further to this, if you're happy to monkey around with it, head to Applications, tools and find something called directory services. From here you can more tightly integrate OSX with your Windows environment.

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