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8/8/08 12:19:13 PM

Quote by plebsmacker
It's quite a nice store, isn't it ? I do think they need to add a 3rd set of registers though as well as redesign their receipt layout.

I have a 1.5m receipt.

I made a massive boo boo when i got there
Thoguht the Iphone line was the service centre lined up for like 40 minutes before realising that I was in the wrong place.

But yeh its quite a nice store. Too much open space and I was thinking everytime they update the Imacs or whatever there will be a shite load of useless display computers

Dota Addicted

8/8/08 8:53:46 PM

Mac being Mac, everytime they update the old machines will automatically gone, just like the online store.

Give me ambiguity or give me something else

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