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Toshiba vs Asus quality/service?
7/9/08 12:35:13 PM
Hi...I'm trying to decide between a Toshiba Satellite Pro L3
00D-200 & an Asus - which I don't actually know the name of but the specs are pretty much the same, only diff seems to be the Asus has a 2 year warranty and costs $200 more. This is my first laptop & I'm not great with fixing computer issues so want to buy the one likely to be more reliable!

Does anyone have advise on the quality and service of these 2 companies?


7/9/08 1:27:41 PM

I've used both before and I have to say that the Toshiba is a great unit but there are some features that I don't like about it. The Asus has the best features and bundles with their laptops but the RMA department is a mixed barrel of luck I suppose.

Overall, I prefer the Asus as I worked with them for a long period of time. The Toshiba is nice but the service is good to awful depending on who you get...

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8/9/08 1:26:19 PM

ASUS beat Toshiba for support and for driver support.

Toshiba tend to have the few extra odds and ends, such as PCMCIA and PC Express on the same PC, which is great.

ASUS tend to have the specs needed and are just brilliant in general.

I sold my Toshiba and kept my EEEPC, so it goes to show, that when it comes down to it, ASUS have the ability to keep things going hard.

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