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worth upgrading old acer?
6/9/08 11:07:06 AM
Now I know I'm fairly ignorant when it comes to pc's and laptop's, thats why I'm here.

I've been given a old acer laptop, I think its about 7 years old, but it still works (slowly).
It's an...
Acer Extensia 390,
Pentium (1?) processer,
48meg ram,
2 gig hd. ( I can hear you laughing!!! )

Is it worth upgrading, any idea how much $ approx.
All I want to do is to use it as word processer and online research. My wireless broardband requires Win 2000 or newer.

I know I can buy an new one for less than a grand, even ex lease for less than $500. But $500 is alot if you don't have it.

Thanks, I bow befor the computer gods and godesses.


6/9/08 11:11:23 AM

Well, you could get away with using that laptop using Linux if you want to relearn everything.

But I'd definitely get a new computer if you're sticking to Windows. If you don't want to spend a lot on a laptop, why don't you take a look at the sub notebook area? These laptops are vouched on this forum a lot. The contenders are the Asus EEEPC, the Acer OneNote and finally MSI's Wind PC.

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6/9/08 2:01:37 PM
I guess for your uses, if it runs ok on power for you to use it, then why not.
Only buy a replacement one if this one doesn't suit your needs...or you get sick of it in a week or so ;p


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6/9/08 6:53:22 PM

+1 pekka

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6/9/08 11:10:14 PM

An ASUS EEE would be a much better investment, you're going to struggle to run Windows 2000 on that.

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7/9/08 7:27:41 AM
ok I meant is it worth upgrading the hardware?
New RAM,
New HDD,
and anything else I might need.


7/9/08 1:25:30 PM

Well, the newer hardware will be much better than what you currently have ATM. And it'll blow your mind out of the water given how fast it will be.

So, is there anything you particularly want from your laptop?

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"How much faster can you render the blue screen of death?"

7/9/08 1:36:08 PM

Not worth mucking around with.
Buy a new one. There are bargains to be had out there.


8/9/08 5:49:06 PM
All I want from it is to use as a word processor and to do research on the net. I'm writting short stories.
I've had a quick look at sub notebooks, they look a bit small for typing.


8/9/08 6:03:21 PM

E1000H is beautiful for typing, and you can always get a bluetooth keyboard if you are planning to be stationary for extended periods of time.

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8/9/08 11:14:21 PM

Not worth upgrading.

And as fine as the sub-notebooks are, they're for on-the-go travel not for word processing style work.

Something like the $800 Dell here: http://www1.ap.dell.com/content/topics/segtopic.aspx/products/quickship/au/en/vostro_notebook?c=a (Bundle #DFO-5330401VO)

Would be good for what you're after. Nice big 1440x900 15.4" display and full sized keyboard being the main thing, the rest is just icing.

You can also keep an eye on graysonline auctions: http://www.graysonline.com.au/category.asp?PARENT_ID=3

But remember you generally have to pay an auction percentage premium and a fair bit of postage on top of the bidding price.

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