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Silly Question - Maybe?
3/9/08 2:11:41 PM

I do lots of HD video which eventually is downloaded to my PC. I want to buy a laptop and be able to download to it. It is accepted that to capture video via firewire I must have a 7200 RPM HDD and most Laptops only have 5400 RPM. Question: If I get an 7200RPM external HDD is there any reason why it wouldnt capture sucessfully via the laptop?
Is there a brand of Laptop that stands out as being superior to all the rest??

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The Tick 
3/9/08 4:03:38 PM

Well first, you can get laptops with 7200rpm hard drives.

If your getting an external drive, perhaps look for an external sporting an E-SATA port and a notebook which also has native E-SATA connections.

I am assuming your use of the term "PC" means your ruling out a MAC.

I know of some of the higher model ASUS notebooks which sport both 7200rpm drives internally and have E-SATA ports.

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3/9/08 4:21:41 PM

Knowing how or what you're "doing" HD video would be useful information.

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4/9/08 10:37:12 PM

An idea of budget would be good too. You can get some really high spec machines from a number of makers, but it'll cost you an arm and a leg.

Mind you, if HD video work loves CPU power, and the more cores the better, then you might want to consider the beastly Lenovo that's been released with a quad core CPU (Amongst other things).

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9/9/08 9:15:26 PM
there is a brand and you might not know it its called pioneer laptops .they sell quad core laptops IN AUSTRALIA and there laptops are very very reliable according to the review's ive read. also another good unknown laptop brand is sagaer (i think thats the right spelling) they produce high quality gaming/video editing laptops. but if i would have to be superiority it would have to be alienware (if you have an unlimited budget)


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