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EEEPC & Other Sub Notebooks
1/9/08 9:38:33 PM
Hey there guys
i am going to buy a sub-notebook somewhere this month or the months coming for high school

So i was wondering if anyone knew of any price drops that will be occurring anytime soon with any of the sub notebooks?

thanks in advance


1/9/08 10:08:30 PM

I don't think so ATM but given how things are at the market, it'll be better to just go out and shop around for a good deal...

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2/9/08 7:48:10 AM

Seriously, depending on what your needs will be, I think a EEE901 or even a 701 would be a bargain.

The 701 will be simple and cover your basic school needs, the 901 will just have that tiny bit more grunt and storage.

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2/9/08 1:14:35 PM

We are going to see drops in the 901's price very soon. ASUS are just about to release to market a whole host of new EEE models, making the existing ones very out dated. The 1000 series will drop soon afterwards as well.

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3/9/08 5:00:17 PM
Thanks for the help guys

I might wait a little bit for the new EEE models to come out , just to see what they are like ..
Other wise i will probably get the 1000H as it seems to have decent battery life and screen size for school + isnt too expensive

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