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Discuss: Lenovo Y710-200 Gamers Edition
14/8/08 10:39:56 PM

dave_blob thinks:

For what its worth, all the new lenovo thinkpads ive dealt with in the last 6months or so have been hideously crippled by the pre-installed software setup. They load up so much non-standard crap that even super-specced machines run like dogs. I spent a few hours on one uninstalling as much of it as I could, but it never got down to anywhere close to the performance it should have had - they must be mucking up the OS at a low level.

Clean installing with a vanilla, non-lenovo windows made these laptops run like the new powerfull machines they actually were!

About the Atomic article Lenovo Y710-200 Gamers Edition


David Hollingworth wants so very much to like this machine...

What do you think?

Your comeback shames me

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14/8/08 11:08:36 PM

Get a Mac

Intel C2Q 6600,Asus P5K-pro,4GB DDR2 RAM,AsusG8800GT, WindowsXP Pro, Ubuntu7.10

15/8/08 9:09:37 AM
Lenovo do make great laptops....Just not gaming laptops...That market has been taken by other players. All the crap thats on computers these days...makes me glad i load my own computers myself.


9/9/08 8:25:46 PM
oh no IBM/LENOVO laptops look horrible, and even the preformance on them aren't to good. and for $3,500 get a dell XPS 1730 with 8700GT SLI (mabye even 8800 SLI on the outlet site). the XPS even has a PhysX card and it costs the same as a boring looking Lenovo laptop thats black and orang and have like one light on it


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