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Goodbye Norton
30/7/08 11:03:39 AM


To address the growing security and management needs of today’s new PC user, Microsoft is working with 11 original equipment manufacturers, including Sony Corporation of America and Toshiba Asia Pacific to preinstall trial subscriptions of Windows Live OneCare on select new PCs across North America, Europe and Asia. Windows Live OneCare provides all-in-one security and anti-malware protection for consumers and small businesses along with tools that automate and simplify PC management and performance.

“Microsoft and Sony share the same goal of helping our customers get the most from their PC experience,” said Xavier Lauwaert of VAIO product marketing at Sony Electronics. “Through this alliance, Windows Live OneCare will provide our customers with a simple solution to help them maintain and secure their new PC.”

While I don't mind Norton as a firewall/AV product, OneCare is certainly a lot more user-friendly and having a smaller footprint definitely would make low-end Notebooks a touch faster. It's great news for tech support crew too. It automatically updates itself through Windows Update too.


30/7/08 12:22:18 PM


Certainly an interesting move.

I'll be honest, we usually remove norton from laptops as they can be incredibly resource intensive, and for low end entry level laptops making them quite slow.

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30/7/08 12:26:57 PM

/waits for first court case

Internet Explorer anyone?

Wonder how it would play out today though. Meh. The later versions (2008) of Norton were OK - but it'll be good to remove "uninstall Norton" from my list of recommendations to buyers of new PCs.

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30/7/08 11:30:07 PM


How do you remove nortons? It's like a fucking virus itself. So far, PCcillin is the only easy way I've found to remove it :/

What's OneCare like?

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1/8/08 11:39:49 AM

Removing Norton is an interesting process. By the looks of things they could have deliberately programmed in delays and "Not Responding" periods to discourage people from persevering with the uninstall process. On a brand-new factory-fresh machine it takes aaaages - but if you're willing to do what it takes, it can be done!

"Be Excellent to each other" - Bill and Ted
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"Consoles are toys. $250 is the most I will pay for a toy." - thesorehead

3/8/08 10:38:32 PM

Joins the Norton conga-line of hate.....

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8/8/08 9:17:47 AM
norton hater here to. but then again its the most well known antivirus around the world i think. not the best performing one thou thats for sure. its been on my removal list for a long time now.


8/8/08 8:08:17 PM

I was told that the new Norton 360 version 2.0 is a lot faster & lighter is this true ?
I just got my self a new Toshiba Satellite A300/V01 Notebook and was going to use AVG on it but was told it has some issues with vista ?
I have NOD32 on my desk top how does this go with vista ?
It came with Windows live OneCare trial version should I give that a go ?


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9/8/08 10:11:45 AM

This is a little OT but I'll reply anyway.

NOD32 is fine on 32bit Vista for me and it claims compatibility for x64 versions too. BitDefender seems to be gaining ground in the 64bit Vista world too so that's something to go with.

I can't see any harm in going with the OneCare trial, if you find it annoying after a month then just get rid of it.

@thesorehead: If it wasn't removable then I see the possible legal issues, but if you can uninstall it what's the difference between OneCare and preinstallation of other trials like Norton? Actually with Norton the difference would be that you COULD uninstall it.

The lawsuits against Microsoft weren't so much that the software was included with their Operating System, but that it was so ingrained in the OS that it was unremovable.

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