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Mini PCI Express GPS Card
11/6/08 10:42:18 AM

Hey guys!

I have an MSI PR200 I'm very happy with the laptop, I've had it for about a year or so did tasteful upgrades like 320gb hdd/extra 2gb ram etc..

Now.. I got the inbuilt Digital TV Tuner option when I bought the laptop because I thought why not but it's impossible to get any reception unless I plug in a big antenna - which I don't want to do.

Now this TV Tuner plugs into what looks like a Mini PCI Express slot (I can take pictures to be sure but I think so - Windows Vista picks up the tv tuner as a usb device tho) I want to take it out since it's completely useless to me and replace it with say a GPS Device, I know you can get USB versions of GPS devices but any idea's where you can get a Mini PCI Express one to replace this TV Tuner and is it viable? Ideally I want to be able to use it my car if needed and I'm lost with TomTom or something.

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6/8/08 2:55:09 AM
Try http://www.bwi.com/prod/572922. It is not the only card, but it does seem to be what you want. A bit pricey at $156 US, but perhaps you can find it for less elsewhere.


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