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Nokia N95 8GB Dead Pixels
3/9/08 3:46:47 PM

Hi, I've had my phone for a week and I've noticed a few dead pixels - and by a few I mean about 6 or 7

Now this is really irking me but they are only visible on a black background.. still once I know they are there it catches my eye

Has anyone had a service experience with pixel problems on there phone?

The Nokia manual states in troubleshooting the usual crap that this is normal and not a fault. Yeah right.

I have been referred to a 3 Service center but it seems you have to drop in in person and it is in the city, I just don't have the time for that.


3/9/08 6:52:13 PM

You could take it directly to Nokia care, with the receipt, call 1300 366 733 for location of service centres.

I don't know which city you are in but in Sydney they are at Parramatta, Rockdale and Chatswood.

There are also details on the Nokia website.

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4/9/08 11:54:03 PM

I am in Perth, I wanted to talk to someone on the phone to get an idea of the pixel policy but you can't, you have to go into the service centre.

The nearest to me is in the city, only open during business hours and I'm busy those hours doing business.

Dead / stuck pixels plague my devices. My new phone has some phooked pixels, my psp has 6-7 but I bought in overseas on ebay so couldn't do much about it, I bought 2 DS's when they came out both with glaring stuck green pixels and never bothered with it until getting a DS Lite which has none.

Yet, the two large 19" and 22" monitors I have owned for years have 0 pixel problems between them.


7/9/08 9:51:15 AM

Went into another 3 store on Sat (a differnet one to where I bought the phone) and it was a different story.

Got the phone replaced with a new one and it's pixelrific.


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