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Which one of these 2 carriers would you choose?
1/9/08 8:58:03 PM

Vodafone or Virgin?

I know that on the $65 CAP Virgin gives you $500 worth of credit, but they dont mention if its for any calls and messages you make or a chunck of it to be used on their network. I'm assuming that you can use the lot as you wish, but would like to make sure.

A friend of mine used to be with Virgin and he said that their customer service is lacking, he called to get a couple of issues resolved, and they didnt fix them, one of the issues was that he wasnt getting notifications SMS messages about new voice messages. In the end he gave up and went with another carrier as his work pays for it.

Sorry for the long post.


1/9/08 10:08:20 PM

Vodafone. I don't trust MNVO's personally. :)

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1/9/08 11:56:40 PM

Vodafone has their own network, Virgin uses Optus.

Virgin stores can be hard to find, Vodafone are everywhere.

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2/9/08 12:06:34 AM

Cool. Well I'm with Vodafone at the moment, have been with them for the last 2 years after moving away from Tel$tra , who I was with for 8 years with my mobile. I have to say that I have been very happy with the Vodafone service, cant really fault it, plus I believe that their call centre is in Tassie, so they're easy to deal with over the phone. I think I'll stay with Vodafone and wait for the Nokia N96 to come out to see if its any good so that I can get it on a new plan.


2/9/08 1:45:15 PM

+1 Voda also. Good choice to stay with them. If I had not had to give back the 6300 I was using, I would be doing the same as you: waiting on the N96

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2/9/08 9:23:51 PM

im with vodafone, and i love it. plus, where i live (batemans bay) it has the best reception pretty much everywhere.

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The Tick 
3/9/08 11:57:23 AM

For 3G coverage, your going to get pretty much the same with either considering Optus and Voda share towers.

I have no experience dealing with Virgin. I have had data cards with Vodafone and find their service ok.

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6/9/08 10:25:09 PM
been using virgin for a year, so far no problem. btw, their cap also include international call, with optus cap, international call doesn't count on cap.


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