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Nonstandard images found on your iPhone?
1/9/08 10:55:33 AM

This kicks ass!


A guy got a brand new phone and someone had replaced the background image with a picture of one of the assembly line workers.


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Dear Diary, a creepy giant stared at me today and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would.

1/9/08 11:02:08 AM

I acutally thought it was damned neat. Every phone should come with one! :)

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1/9/08 11:10:53 AM

Looks like she's having fun. I used to work in a cardboard box manufacturing plant and while it was FUCKING STUPID money, the job itself was absolutely shit.

Here, it looks like she's having a blast, and probably getting paid 50c/hr.

XBL: tangents

Dear Diary, a creepy giant stared at me today and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would.

The Tick 
1/9/08 12:10:39 PM

She is cute.

I am returning my iPhone demanding I get some preloaded cute asian girls too.

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1/9/08 12:23:09 PM

So you get to see who packed ya iPhone :)

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1/9/08 9:08:11 PM

She's cute. Just thought I'd say it too.


1/9/08 11:58:47 PM

They think it was from testing the camera and they forgot to delete them.

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2/9/08 1:56:18 PM

What a cutie!

Interesting that they use PCs with iTunes (rather than Macs) to test the iPhone before shipping it out. Or maybe they test 'em on both (this girl is obviously involved in the camera-testing phase of the production line).

Makes me wonder what photos you get preloaded on the platinum-plated, sapphire-screen version ... ;--]

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