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monikker personalisation
31/8/08 5:25:01 PM
i'm currently doing a project on this new software developed by monikker. it's a way to personalise your phone and is primarily compatible with nokia symbian phones. it enables you (the caller) to choose an animation and sound for yourself as a way of announcing yourself when you ring your friends. this "monikker" that you have chosen will come up on your friend's phone when you call. it's a new concept and monikker is currently going through a pre release testing phase. the software is free to download anyway.

here is their website:

if you're interested, give it a go and tell me what you think about it. if you're between 15 and 19 and would like to help me by filling out a survey or being part of a focus group then let me know!

either way, give me your thoughts on the program! cheers!


31/8/08 10:53:15 PM

No fair, I have Nokia 6131 which uses that Java rubbish instead of Symbian. :(

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