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Nokia 2610 unlock?
Cpt. Lock 
19/8/08 3:25:51 PM

I have a telstra phone here that's locked if this isn't allowed on this forum then please delete this thread. I don't see the issue though as this phone was originally bought outright so I own the stupid thing

basically it's going unused a family member with a vodafone sim wanted to use it i've tried a few unlock codes on it and it keeps coming up with CANNOT UNDO RESTRICTION on the screen is it possible to unlock these phones without getting telstra involved and incurring whatever it is they charge to unlock one of these phones, or is it a lost cause. It's an old phone yes but its newer/nicer then what they have I thought I was doing them a service but it seems Telstra has screwed me over again


19/8/08 5:01:27 PM

If it was purchased outright, consult them and ask why there is still a lock on the phone.

If not, try this site http://www.mob453.com/nokia/

It worked for my 6101.

Brought to you by the Minister for Cyborgs and Violent Cyborg Military Forces.

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