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N95 Battery
15/8/08 8:02:50 AM
Hi all, new to the forums, read the magazine when I can.

Anyway, I bought a Nokia N95 cos I thought they were all the rage and I think slide phones are sweet! Alas, I've found that the battery life isn't that great, less then ordinary actually. After a month or so, my battery died completely, wouldn't recharge at all. Fault is somewhat mine as there have been days where it beeped at me periodically over the day saying low battery, but i'm busy travelling for work all over the place and not enough time in one spot to recharge until the end of the day. Be that as it may, I got a new battery for it (non-genuine - Cellink) and the phone worked again - YAY. That is until I left it in my car for a whole weekend (It was full on the friday). Found it on the Monday and I had missed one call and it was low battery again. I pressed the button to see who had tried to call me and I saw the caller's name and then the phone died. Once again, I cannot charge my phone.

I'm staying in Brisbane at the moment, does anyone know where I can buy a replacement battery for my N95 that isn't around the $70 mark. The Cellink one was like $10 - might just be me being cheap though.

Anyone else have this drama or wanna rant about the battery life? I mean, I could half handle the battery life but if I have to nurse this phone like a baby and cater to it's every whim of getting it to life support before it dies then I'm just gonna....... whinge like a BITCH!!!!

BTW - got nothing against babies!

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15/8/08 11:42:22 AM

Want a but of a hack and slash fix?

The next size battery up DOES FIT in the N95.

Thats a 900MAH one yes? the other one is 1100 if i remember correctly.

The catch? Your back battery cover wont fit on. As such, you order a clear case for it (paint it black if you desire)then use it like that.

Phone -> big battery -> no back plate -> protective casing.

The battery is only 1mm or so too thick for the back plate (hence a lot of ranting in the mobile world that nokia didnt release a bulged back cover to fix the battery issue).

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15/8/08 10:13:42 PM
the battery life on the BL-5F batterys is shithouse in n95s yes but if youre phone has killed 2 batterys im thinking that there may be something wrong with your handset.

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16/8/08 3:42:02 PM

How dare you mention defects with the pinnacle of human acheivement.

Blasphemer, Nokia are beyond reproach, they are held in an almost godlike status among certain members of this forum!

Seriously the warranty on Nokia batteries (and other accessories) is six months from date of purchase, you can find the location of Nokia repair centres on their website, take the phone, original battery and proof of purchase to one for assessment.

Nokia's phone number is 1300 366 733

PS Use of third party batteries may void your warranty, so I wouldn't mention them.

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