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HTC Touch...Too Old?
16/8/08 11:13:58 PM

Quote by hill60606
Quote by 800_series
My Dad has the blackberry pearl, and for business use he says it's absolute crap.

It's annoying to use, and annoying to type with the condensed keyboard.

He might be one of the old school people who turn the dictionary off and he musn't be using the myriad of shortcuts.

There is a reason why Blackberry has 16 million users and is number 1, that is emails come directly to you as soon as they hit your inbox.

He has dictionary, I think he finds it crap because he's been using Nokias since they came out.

I'll try anything once, but i'm not a big fan of the Pearl's keyboard. Some of the others I don't mind, as they're a full keyboard.

Brought to you by the Minister for Cyborgs and Violent Cyborg Military Forces.

You know what, fuck it. There is no tag.


17/8/08 2:41:48 PM

Suretype annoys me as well, until you get used to it. Same with T9 originally.

Now, M600i/P1i's rocker keyboard is win.

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Psychonaut doesn't count.

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