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Now this is more like it! [Three Data plans]
13/8/08 6:54:59 PM

Just stumbled across something on Three's site.

Seems as though they're trying to draw the iPhone crowd over to three if they have an unlocked one. Not a bad idea, if you can't beat 'em...


Check it. $49 cap plan, seems to be the same as usual, but with no phone. 1Gb of included data! That's more than enough for what I use, and the $49 cap is perfect for me!

They've got a $69 cap plan, which is beastly, and it has 2gb of data on top of it.

Now, downsides. Seems as though you don't get a phone, but for those of us who already have one, or like to buy outright, we're in luck!

I'm thinking, $49 cap + 1gb data. That's just an outright $49 per month bill. Add a $400 LG KS20 [sexy piece of kit!], and viola, we're in business.

So, for inferior phones, you can often pay $20 per month for the phone, over 24 months. This is a much better option, and you can always get a new phone along the way.

Just thought I'd bring it to your attention. Come on my 18th birthday!

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Edit: I got my own age wrong? o_0

13/8/08 7:07:37 PM





Your comeback shames me

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13/8/08 7:42:51 PM

Mine isn't a press release.

So nyer.


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Edit: I got my own age wrong? o_0

13/8/08 9:35:26 PM

Hang on Girvo... weren't you slamming the iPhone only a few weeks ago?

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Dear Diary, a creepy giant stared at me today and I didn't like it as much as I thought I would.

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13/8/08 10:28:54 PM


The iphone thread mentioned above already covers this, but I'll give you the gift of a nice shiny padlock for trying.

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