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iPhone 3G 4 28.57%
Nokia N95 1 7.14%
Nokia N96 3 21.43%
Something else -- please post 6 42.86%
Voters: 14
What handset?
28/6/08 9:19:48 PM

Go on, which one?

If I can, I'd prefer to stay with 3, love their customer care. If someone else is cheaper though, that's good too.

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30/6/08 11:57:18 AM

Blackberry Bold.


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4/8/08 1:45:22 AM

Stick with 3, find a store that still has a HTC P3600i and you'll get it on the $49 cap.
Better then all 3 of those you listed.

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4/8/08 10:10:48 AM

Wot e said.

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4/8/08 12:33:40 PM

Samsung i780

Same form factor as the above Blackberry, but with the (IMO) nicer Windows Mobile 6 OS.

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4/8/08 6:29:26 PM

Samsung i780, or HTC Touch Diamond.

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6/8/08 5:36:51 PM

Quote by Girvo
Samsung i780, or HTC Touch Diamond.

Sales guy at work just got the Diamond. Don't bother with it. Some versions have some pretty major bugs.


6/8/08 7:00:19 PM

The E71. It's a great new phone. Every connectivity option available under the sun, great size and build quality (It's the thinest smartphone yet, slimest GPS mobile yet, and slimest phone with WiFi yet, but also has a solid build to it), great for mobile emails (great email connections options (including Windows live and exchange server) plus full QWERTY keyboard for typing emails), GPS, Landscape screen orientation (rather than the portrait on most phones), MicroSD cards, FM Radio, great battery life, full office document editor.

Grab one of these for free on 3's $49 cap and also get the $20 Xseries data option (with 1Gb of downloads plus 4000 skype minutes) and you are set. One of the best options around :)

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