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Laptop 2.5" HDD - samsung or western digital?
27/8/08 8:56:39 PM

Hi guys, My laptop hard drive died on me and I need to get another one to replace it. It accepts sata so I was thinking of getting 250gb drive from samsung or western digital.
Currently, these are the ones im considering because of their availability and their prices being somewhat similar. Both drives are 5400rpm 8mb cache.

Apparently the samsung runs more energy efficient and quieter which is a plus for laptops but having not used a samsung drive before I am a bit weary of it because apparently some users have noticed a clicking sound every 40 or so minutes but i think those users are being pedantic - As long as its not breaking apart thats the main thing.

On the other hand, Western digital drives can stand hotter conditions than the samsung and I've had more experience with WD drives esp with external storage.

Anyone have an opinion of these two drives as thats all i really need now to push me over the line.


model numbers

250Gb Samsung SATA 2.5" Notebook Hard Drive, 5400RPM 8Mb Cache HM250JI

HDD Western digital SCORPIO BLUE 250GB 5400/8MB/SATA

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29/8/08 8:20:01 AM

Well I am using a couple of 120Gb Samsungs in my notebooks and they seem to be ok.
Personal choice which you get as all manufacturers produce the odd dud.
Just a warning though, if 250Gb is a lot larger than the existing HDD the notebook bios may not fully support the new size. I got caught with this when I bought a 160Gb ide drive. The damn bios in the Toshy and the LG only support up to 128Gb.

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29/8/08 9:04:59 AM

Same same to me ...
"Grinding noises" are fine but hard clicks aren't good.

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