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which hard drive for performance?
Cpt. Lock 
20/8/08 11:26:32 AM

I'm thinking of possibly replacing my current 120gb and 200gb HDD with one large HDD are the 750GB caviar black HDD's worth the extra cost price, or should I just get a standard 1TB HDD?


20/8/08 1:57:59 PM

The WD 640GB SATA drives are apparently the best performers at the moment, assuming they've not been outclassed in the last week or so.

They perform very well and are deliciously cheap.

You could grab 2 and RAID 0 them if you want an extra IO boost, providing you don't mind the odds of losing everything becoming twice as likely.

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20/8/08 2:05:51 PM

Or just buy one 640GB using the 120 and 200 as backup internal drives.

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20/8/08 2:15:15 PM

I'm going to be getting a couple of WD640GB and RAID1-ing them.


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Cpt. Lock 
20/8/08 5:07:02 PM

My case only takes 2 internal drives it's for a LAN computer so yeah

I was thinking 750gb as it's a pretty big step up from what i've got and gives me a bit of extra room. I've heard decent reviews about the WD Caviar black HDD's

If I need more space down the track I can grab another 750gb

I'm really tossing up between a performance 750gb and a 1TB HDD whilst 640gb is technically double what I have now you lose quite a lot with large drives and formatting, and I want at least a little more then double what I have now


24/8/08 8:25:37 PM

Samsungs are a performance drive in the 1tb capacity, you may also like to consider them. Have your cake and eat it too. :D

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