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here's the thing
20/8/08 1:28:21 AM

i was preparing a harddrive for a windows format and i accidently formatted an external usb harddrive and i need to recover the data off the harddrive. the 2nd thing is a 2nd partition was started to be created by the dumb kids brother and i cancelled it at like 2%.

i really need to recover the data and move it to a safe location on a harddrive as this is not my information. the copy of the information before you ask is the only copy as well

i don't know of a good program that will allow me to pull the files off as if they were to appear like in a windows tree like setup

can anyone please help as this information its not replaceable and i need to recover it as best as possible. please help asap

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20/8/08 3:06:01 AM

Will depend on how you formatted it.

If it was a full format, then you've likely overwritten every sector with zeroes and you're screwed. If it was a "quick format", then you might be able to recover it.

There's a utility, Ithink it's called TestDisk that can rebuild partition tables for such things. This may only restore the partition table, you might then need to find an NTFS/FAT32 specific recovery tool to recover data from the partition should some of its vital parts have been overwritten, too.

I've always been inclined to disconnect extra drives when doing installs to avoid such fuckups. You might like to adopt the same approach in the future.

Hope you can recover said data.

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20/8/08 4:47:17 AM

Give this recovery software a try it's free and it works. But I don't like your chances much :(


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20/8/08 1:28:49 PM

GetDataBack for NTFS/FAT32 has never failed me.

Buy the software, I reckon it's worth the USD$30 gamble.


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20/8/08 1:57:06 PM

+1 that's one program i've actually known to work and that's after completely formatting a drive


21/8/08 1:38:43 PM

Let us know the details and how it goes.

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21/8/08 2:26:03 PM

i've used http://www.z-a-recovery.com/
and it is pretty good too also has a demo version so you can try that to see if it will be able to see the data you want befor you buy it.

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21/8/08 7:33:27 PM

There are no freeware tools that will do this. If there are, I would like to know about them!

So you'll need to pay some money if you want that data back.

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22/8/08 3:20:30 PM

google data recovery, I don't recommend illegal patching, so don't.

But you will most likely have to use a trial or pay about $30 for a decent app.

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