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2xWD640GB RAID0 Results
28/7/08 11:22:43 PM

Q6600, stock, Win2K3 32bit, running other stuff while im doing this etc, chatting, installing, internets (but the RAID0 is a secondary temp/pagefile/scratch drive)

HD Tune says...
Min (was 180-160 MB/sec, but dropped to 140 MB/sec in the 80%-100% range, then too 109.7MB in the last 10%)
Min Read 160.2 MB/sec
Max 220.3 MB/sec
Avg 174.5 MB/sec

15.1 ms access time (so i see ive yet to enable the full performance of these drives ;D)

Burst 147.1 MB/sec
CPU usage 4.6%

Dunno write bench, program says writing disabled?

Anyway, did a file benchmark


Welcome to the eternal hell of my world, where it is Christmas, all year round.

Starring Jet Li as Santa Claus.

29/7/08 4:38:59 AM

Get the 15 day trial version of HD Tune so you can turn the AAM up. That will increase your seek time quite a bit. Still, very good results this far!


Edited by gamble: 29/7/2008 4:39:43 AM

AMD X2 4200+ @ 2.75
MSI 9600GT OC 512MB @ 777c/1880s/2200m
ASUS A8N5X Socket 939
3GB=(2x512MB)Geil (2x1GB)G.Skills
W.D. 640GB 16MB AAKS H.D.
Vista Premium 64-Bit

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