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Blu-ray, layers and the video
23/7/08 12:50:00 PM

Will ther be Blu-ray discs with more layers coming out? If so, when will they be coming out and will we need new players and drives to support them? Also, how many minutes of 1080p at what FPS can fit on a dual layer disc?



23/7/08 2:10:41 PM

Not as simple with BluRay, as there are 3 different codecs you can use to encode your video, with associated differences in coding efficiency, and hence run time in 25/50GB. About 2 hours for a single layer for MPEG2, and a little under 4 hours for VC-1 and h264.

Hate to sound like a mod, but the wiki article covers all that
from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Blu-ray_Disc


As to more layers, there are single and dual layer versions available now, and I beleive that triple or even more layers are on the cards and that most of the tech coming out is compatible with current BluRay players. Recorders might be a different story. not 100% on that tho.

I know that there's 8 layer tech, but that will require new sensors for reading the data.

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