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Replacement Maxtor HDD Power Pack?
23/7/08 8:32:35 AM


I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on where I could pick up a replacement power supply for a Maxtor 3.5” Basics 1Tb? The details of the supply are:

AC Input: 100-240V-, 50-60Hz, 0.65A Max. 51-80VA
DC Output: 12V 2A

I'm not very electronically-minded but I am guessing that the DC ouput part is my main concern.

I tried Tandy and a few other stores and the only one I could find tried to sell me the above but 2.5A instead of 2A, for a whopping $42. It's cheaper to buy a new caddy and crack open the external case :P

I had considered contacting Maxtor as well but I'm not sure whether I'll have any luck on that front.

Any advice would really be appreciated.




24/7/08 11:20:21 AM

I've heard some people have been able to find a variety of power adaptors and whatnot at Jaycar.

Failing that, I'd just get a new caddy.


24/7/08 11:47:47 AM

Look at the Jaycar web site, there's plenty of adapters ... and cheaper the DSE too.

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26/7/08 8:18:10 PM

Buying a new enclosure might also allow you to not have to crack it open to get the drive out.

I've got a handful of external drives, and buggered if I know which power brick goes with which, I just grab whatever has the right plug and off I go. I realise this is probably a little reckless, but I haven't had a problem. If yo uget a new enclosure which uses the same connector for its power pack, then you should likely be able to just plug it in and go. You've then also got an external case that you can whack another drive in at a later date should you desire, and providing you don't want to use both at once, then you'er sweet with just the one pack.

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