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Data recovery...
11/7/08 7:12:18 PM

I have that nauseating feeling right now.

I deleted a major multi track audio project that is worth quite a bit of money. I bought these new Maxtor one touch drives and they have all this backup software on them. I have two of these drives. Im really tired after having just done the hardest week of work I have done in my life, and I thought I was working on the empty drive. I deleted all the files on it while holding shift. Unfortunately I was working on the drive with the files I need. I was about to do a backup. Fuck.

I tried free undelete because Ive had success with it in the past, but it didnt work with these files. Im talking huge files, some over a gig each.

How much more effective than consumer level data recovery software options are professional data recovery services? It wont be the end of the world if I cant get these files, but I would be really happy if it can be done.

Dumbest mistake ever.


11/7/08 7:42:34 PM

Try this it always works for me.


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11/7/08 9:59:06 PM

Nope, no good. I get all the files, but they amount to 42MB instead of 20 odd gigs that it should be.


18/7/08 11:41:52 AM


You can try that.

"We recommend that you download the demo version of GetDataBack first to see if your files are recoverable. The demo version allows you to perform the data recovery and to see and verify your recovered files.

A license key is then required to actually save these files. Once you have a license key for the software, you don't have to run the program again, just enter the license key in the demo version to enable the copy function."


22/7/08 10:37:30 PM

Had lots of success with GetDataBack in the past, but can't say I recall ever recovering files over 1GB (because there weren't any).


23/7/08 9:52:36 AM

I'm pretty sure GetDataBack has worked for me in the past with large files.


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