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Best external 1TB hd
28/7/08 9:17:33 PM

Obvious to you, perhaps. Didn't seem obvious to me or others.

And even if that is wha the wanted, it's always good to give and get all the information so you can make an informed purchase.

I've pointed a few friends at the enclosure+HDD path, leaving them quite pleased when they ended up with an external 640GB HDD as opposed to a external pre-built 320GB HDD which cost more, which they were previously considering buying.

Whether that's what he's after or not, unless he specifically says "I want this and only this" or "I do NOT want to get a case and drive and do it myself" then where's the harm in pointing it out?

Your post was unnecessary, and whether you intend to troll or not, it's certainly the impression it gives. Your continued refusal to accept that others have a differing opinion and that theirs is just as valid as yours helps to cement the reputation you're quickly earning as someone who is arrogant and very argumentative when people disagree, or offer advice contrary to your own.

So next time, before you criticise, ask yourself whether it's going to achieve anything, and whether any harm was done by the information given that you feel critical of.

There are only 2 correct ways to respond to this post of mine.

1) "*nod* Fair call, I shall keep that in mind."
2) Silence. I will interpret this is #1

Anything other than that will just reinforce your trolldom.

Now, let's all move along. Nothing to see here.

"Grandfather had an accident, he got burnt." "Oh no, how bad?" "Well, they don't fuck around at the crematorium."

29/7/08 2:47:55 AM
Wow. I had quite a bit of respect for you on these forums, as one of the better contributors. But looking at your post above, I am surprised just how arrogant it is coming from you. I honestly did not expect it.

It was obvious, because it is what he was asking for. I only wish he would post back to confirm and clarify. There is nothing wrong with pointing out alternatives, just as there is nothing wrong with pointing out the alternatives are maybe not what he wanted. My post was as unnecessary as you're above post, attempting to teach me the errors of my ways.

If you look, you will see my original post was not a criticism, but an observation, and was in no way trollish. It was bowiee who overreacted, and started with personal insults, which apparently you to have now taken up. I think people on this forum should really look at what trolling is, before they start accusing people they disagree with of doing so.

I can't believe how disappointed I was to see a reply like this from you.

Edited by TheSecret: 29/7/2008 7:13:30 AM

Part of the inhumanity of the computer is that, once it is competently programmed and working smoothly, it is completely honest.

1/8/08 11:28:03 AM

enough already.. when did the last OP say anything.. A while back. you both are wrong to continue in a "Pointless" Argument.

I just got a 500GB External because it was for one. A good deal, and easier than building one. :)

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