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[BUMPED!] The complete At0mic DVD writer comparison
7/2/07 2:38:54 PM

Quote by azn_yoshi
Great Work!
Need to ask a question concerning the Pioneer DVR-111D.
Do I need to download any new firmware? and what is the best software to use for burning? (Nero??)
Sorry for the lame questions!


looks like no one else will bite, so i'll jump in for you..

you should *always* use the latest firmware for burners, and specially in pioneers case, there is usually a good reason to, be it write speed, updated write strategies etc etc, so always the latest...

currently for the 111 series is the 1.29 firmware, update it now ;)

nero is ok, but i'm more of a small program fan, so mostly use IMGBurn - it is free, and has most of the functions of nero - that i use in nero anyways!

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26/3/07 7:57:06 AM

Hi Zebra,

Awesome thread, and the one over at Speedlabs, whew! I'm still only up to page38!

Regarding the RegionKiller tweak, would DVDRegion Free also perform the same thing when flashing across to the A11XLA/111L?

Also, there was mention of Alcohol 120% possibly causing problems at one stage. Does it need to be uninstalled while this x-flashing is done?

My Vaio laptop has a region lock feature (locks to the region of the 5 different disk played). I have it masked with DVDRegionFree. Is there a similar regionlocking thing with the DVR-111D.

I picked up the DVR 111D a month or two ago, just coz it was cheap on PCCG. Now I discovered this and the speedlabs thread, and I realsie what a great ODD this unit is. Awesome!

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26/3/07 7:34:45 PM

....yup. The easiest way to get the 111 unit running as 8.29 LabelFlash, is to simply flash the 8.19 kernel available on speedlabs.org, then flash the 8.29 (also available there!) on top of it. Easy! :)

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5/7/07 3:47:56 PM
you can also switch the DVR-111D firmware to a DVR-111L (labelflash-model) firmware, but you won't be able to use the labelflash feature, the hardware's not there. (theoretically for better media code compatibility, who knows.)

it's an option if you visit tbd's firmware page on rpc1.org, normally the RPC1 featureset is to remove zone1/2 dvd region codes and add bitsetting from DVD+R to DVD-ROM for media-compatibility in DVD players. and/or switch the A11 to 111D and vice versa (the "retail" has different media code compatibility and quieter DVD read speeds, i think.)

regardless, if you get the latest firmware, it comprises most of the strategies from all the different firmwares for that brand and model in the later revisions.

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19/7/07 4:57:14 PM

dont know where you're getting your information from mate, but i seriously suggest you check your sources.

all firmwares of a particular revision have THE SAME media compatibility, regardless if it is an A11, 111D or 111L firmware.

if they're all 1.29 firmwares, they all have THE SAME media compatibility.

On top of this, the hardware IS in the 111D to use labelflash, the only different in this model is the firmware used, which restricts lableflash and DVD-RAM writing.

only the 8.xx firmwares(buffalo) allow bitsetting of *all* DVD+R media, only DVD+R DL media is bitset in 1.xx firmwares.

the A11 series has slightly different hardware..... no, not electronics... but the case itself is slightly different, with the honeycombe shell pioneer use in their A series products.

Interestingly there is also hardware inside the 111D/L/A11 that allows the use of lightscribe. However in australia no such drives have ever been imported, and i know of only one drive in australia that has ever burnt lightscribe(i think) that is an R11 series.

Hope this clears up some of your misconceptions.

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6/4/08 3:33:54 PM
Hey guys, does anyone have a BenQ DW-1620/1640/1650/1655 that they want to get rid of? Perhaps to upgrade to a sata drive?
I'd like one for disc error scanning...


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