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Generic + Corsair dominator.. together?
6/9/08 2:59:02 PM

Hey guys,

Ive currently got 2x 2gig transcend ddr2 800 in my p5k pro with a q6600 @3ghz, just wondering if i bought some better ram like corsair dominatior 2x 2gb ddr2 1066 would i be able to just stick them in and have 8gb or take the other stuff out and have 4 gigs of good ram?


6/9/08 5:45:18 PM

Generally you can mix any combination of DDR2 ram on a motherboard. Some boards and RAM types may not play nicely together, but generally it all works fine.

When using different speed RAM, the system will run ALL memory at the same speed, and that speed will be the speed of the slowest RAM. This , so if you want more RAM, you should try and get the same speed as what you already have, and only get faster if it's cheaper to do so.

Also, for Dual-channel mode, you need pairs of matching sticks. You can have 2 of one kind, and 2 of another kind, and providing they're in the appropriate slots, this should be fine.

Now, all of that said: There's *no fucking point whatsoever* in buying "better RAM". It gives you almost no performance increase, and all it does is empty your wallet faster.

If you want more RAM, you should invest in some 2GB sticks of DDR2-800. Any brand will do, and it shouldn't set you back anymore than $50/stick.

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