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Asus Rampage Extreme
20/8/08 11:41:01 AM

Looking for X48 chipset mobo as well as ddr3 and crossfire. Found this asus one but its quite expensive. Has anyone got this board, can anyone recommend this?


20/8/08 11:49:37 AM

Have read a lot of good things about it. If you're not going for 4870x2 then go for the DFI lanparty X48-t3rs (like the one I have in trademart :P).

Seriously though, if I had uber cash I would have a rampage extreme, but I find the DFI is an excellent board for $150 less.

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20/8/08 1:15:50 PM

I'd avoid it on name alone. It has "Extreme" in its model name.

Guh, >$500, fuck that.

Look at the DFI board suggested above, or the Gigabyte GA-X48T-DQ6.

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20/8/08 8:07:08 PM

quiet often asus extreme products have the same bios and overclocking features as the model they are based off my recommendation would be the gigabyte x48 dq6-T

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