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SLI, QuadCore, 8GB RAM <- I need a mobo for this
19/8/08 10:14:53 PM

Hey guys, I have a Q6600 and need a Mobo to suit.

It must have SLI and be able to handle at least 8GB RAM.

I want this for under $200.

Is this possible?

What are my options.

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19/8/08 10:51:31 PM

I'd go for a 750i board for that, but it will have to be an ASUS or MSI brand, there are no others under that price ceiling.

Though if you stretch a little bit you can grab the EVGA 750i FTW mobo, which is ~$240. I have one, definitely a great board.

/my 2c

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20/8/08 4:11:30 PM

I've found that with lots and lots of RAM, the nVidia boards flake but I've built a 780i based system with 8Gb of ram, it was pretty good. In all seriousness though, why SLI? Got a graphics card already?

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