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Computer doesn't work too well with 4GB Ram??
18/8/08 10:00:43 PM
Hi Guys!
I've had this problem for a little while now, and really can't seem to work it out.

I have an Asus P5K-Pro motherboard

and 2GB of Corsair 'Dominator' 1066Mhz memory (2x1GB sticks)
runs perfectly fine.
If i set the DRAM Frequency to 'Auto'
It runs at 1066Mhz

Problem is:
I just purchased another 2GB of the same memory (2x1GB sticks)
So now I have 4GB of ram (4x 1GB sticks)
If i set the DRAM Frequency to 'Auto'
It runs at 800Mhz - which is quite strange
The computer runs perfectly on this setting.

When i set the DRAM Frequency to 1066Mhz, Windows starts to break down, games stop in the middle of play, windows restarts randomly.

I'm wondering if the computer is struggling to handle the 4 different sticks of memory, or if i have the timings wrong (I've just left the ram timings on auto)

I'm wondering if anybody has an answer :P



18/8/08 11:54:11 PM

It's not uncommon for high-end/overclocked RAM to become flakey when dealing with 4 sticks rather than 2, which is why it's usually recommended that you opt for 2x2gb rather than 4x1. It stresses the chipset less.

Other than that, no idea.

For future reference, DDR2-1066 offers a performance increase that you'll only notice when benchmarking. You'd have been better off spending $85 on 2x2gb of generic DDR2-800 and putting the rest of the cash towards other hardware/beer.

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20/8/08 8:08:43 PM
Thanks man.

I realise the two sets of ram i have are different versions from corsair.

And they actually take slightly different voltages.

If i set it up properly and put the right settings in bios, with the higher voltage selected, it all works very well.

Thanks for the future reference!


2/9/08 12:46:07 PM

are they running with 2.2v?

....it's called a 'snuke'.

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