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Cinebench R10
Jack Genders 
9/9/08 8:35:36 PM


Does anyone else use this tool for bench marking, I've downloaded it tonight and tried it.
Did the single and multiple CPU test and the GPU test.
What I have found strange is that my GPU score decreased when overclocking, dropped from 5962 to 4630.
Increased my 8800GT from stock to 700 core, 1950 memory and 1750 shader.

Any idea?

Should I just stick with 3DMark 06 and my Crysis built in bench tool?

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Edited by Jack Genders: 9/9/2008 08:37:19 PM

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9/9/08 10:18:45 PM

I use Cinebench as part of a testing suite for my reviews, but only with the CPU.

And I have also found that when I had an 8800GT in my rig, overclocking it too far would cause the performance to drop slightly.

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