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Overclocking a E8500 so help please
11/8/08 8:45:25 PM
I have recently purchased a E8500 with a EP45-DS3 board and i have decided to overclock, i would like to no the expectation s for a noob and if i will get better performance out of my 8800GT.

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11/8/08 10:09:20 PM

clearly you need to get to know www.google.com better. Here's a table of what some other ppl are getting on their E8500s and other CPUs


as for your 8800GT question... higher clocks will remove any bottleneck caused by a slower CPU compared to the 8800GT. At 3.16Ghz, I doubt there's a lot of that going on... even less so if you game at higher resolutions...

and again.. get to know www.google.com

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11/8/08 10:39:09 PM

these chips on stock cooling? expect roughly ~3600mhz

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