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How acurate is OCCT at recording system vitals.
2/8/08 5:39:54 PM

I think i have found a good all round OC but i am having trouble getting it OCCT stable as the cpu is getting to hot with 1.4875v. Having said that i took a look at the graphs provided and noticed that i had a huge fluctuation on the 12v rail ie: -2v~+4v which as you can understand has made me rather unsettled at the thought of 16v running across the 12v rail here is the graph any thoughts on this? as everything else seems pretty smack on what it should be.

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2/8/08 8:22:52 PM

I just had a look at the graphs from my overclock and my 12v rail is a dead straight line at about 11.95v.

Yours looks a little concerning if it is correct. Maybe run the test again at a lower oc and check the graph again or even run the test at stock and check the graph. If there is still a huge ripple it may only be software related, But if you get a nice graph you may have to look at testing the psu.

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2/8/08 11:56:48 PM

How hot is too hot?

My corsair PSU gives a straight line on all voltages, no change at all.

As far as I know, there is no "too hot" limit, at least up to 67 degrees (don't ask how it got that high >.>).

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3/8/08 9:05:02 AM

Doesn't the ATX PSU specification allow a 10% variation on the voltage? For +12V, then +10.V to 13.2V is fine. 16V on 12V isn't exactly what is intended.

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3/8/08 11:34:29 AM

Ill check my load voltage for you today nessie and let you know what sort of voltage i get.

EDIT: Try installing Speedfan, see what voltages is gives.

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3/8/08 12:35:15 PM

speed fan reports it as 9.47v idle :/ so i am going to check it on my sisters computer all other voltages are with 0.03v of their target voltages.

edit: got an earthwatts 380 hooked up to it -1 gfx card a 940mhz oc and some other stuff and it reports 7v as the idle so something is a bit screwed in the software department i think, i would assume it might have something to do with this onboard energy saving stuff.

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Q6700@3.8 24/7|GIGABYTE X48DS4|PATRIOT 2GB 1148MHZ 4-4-4-12|HD4870 790/4400/HD4850 CROSSFIREX|640GB WD HD|CORSAIR HX520|ANTEC TX1050B CASE|TRUE|

5/8/08 7:40:41 AM

Cool... I just upgraded from the old version that didn't do the monitoring and graphs (or if it did I never knew)... That's a neat feature.. I wish I had it back in November when my 8800GT was reporting that it wasn't getting enough juice http://www.atomicmpc.com.au/forums.asp?s=2&c=8&t=19910

Happy to say my Silverstone 560 has straight lines for the last 14 minutes on all voltages with my overclock (Q6600@400*8)..

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16/8/08 10:34:46 PM

yeah im a bit dubious about the accuracy. i pushed my 6600 the other day to 3.2 still on stock cooling and it passed the 2hr test as stable. rebooted then withing 5 mins i got a bsod. and had to do a bios recovery.
just gonna stick to prime, cpuidhw for stressin. much more accurate


31/8/08 10:03:09 AM

It's not accurate when it comes to my Truepower 330W' 12v rail either....

Whereas Gigabytes' Easy tune has it at 11.95v.

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6/9/08 4:49:19 PM

Well, voltage is a bit dubious but mostly, it'll depend on certain issues. If you're that worried, do the cheapest option of getting a voltmeter and measure it yourself.

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6/9/08 9:46:34 PM

After a 11 hour OCCT run I can tell you it isn't always perfect. According to the results it outputs the 12v rail on my corsair hx620 psu hovered around 6.8 volts the whole time.

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