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What Have You Killed In The Name Of Overclocking
16/8/08 3:43:02 PM
i had my 7900gt voltmodded to about 750 core and it died after about 5 months. i had fun. i dont usually oc hard enough to break things.


16/8/08 5:51:40 PM

2x 512mb sticks of generic DDR2-533 while rewriting their SPD's.

E5200 (4ghz/1.384v), 4GB Patriot DDR2-800 4-4-4-12, Giga EP35-DS3R 2.1, EVGA 8800GT KO (675/975mhz)
3DMark2001SE = 54759

17/8/08 3:19:57 PM

I haven't really killed anything so far but I've damaged so far 5 sticks of RAM from overclocking or too many volts going through it...

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