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[BUMPED!] [BUMPED!] DS3 & E6400 - An Overclocking Guide for people who don't want to
12/3/08 8:01:37 PM
I never overclocked my system. But it is not that complicated from your instructions. May be I should give it a try.


12/4/08 3:19:54 AM
OK, finally got around to doing it and it worked a charm. I followed your instructions to a T and didn't run into any problems. The CPU is now running at 3.08GHz and the RAM timings are at 4-4-4-12. CPU temps are 38C idling, haven't tried it under load yet.

I left the F4 BIOS I originally had as I didn't wanna risk upgrading to F12 or F13 in case it wouldn't work. Has anybody tried following this guide with the latest BIOS?

I got 2 1GB Crucial Ballistix running in Dual Channel but for some reason my RAM command rate is 2T according to CPU-Z. Shouldn't it be 1T? How, if it's possible, can I get it to be 1T?


10/5/08 1:45:26 AM
Gave my DS3&E6850 a try, result 3.0Ghz to 3384Ghz not much of a gain for the E6850 with 4 Gig of corsair twin2X2048-6400C4DHX,after trying it had a play with the gigabyte easy tune 5 utility selected Turbo this caused a problem with windows, stopped loading(Vista)set the bios to original and will have a try again, any thoughts guys for a ordinary result i got.



25/5/08 5:19:46 AM
Overclocking is much easier with Intel board, just increase procents in BIOS. Rest does system itself. My system topped out in 3,19GHz.

E6700 @ 3,0GHz on D975XBX
2048MB 667MHz @ 747Mhz
GeForce 9800Gx2 600/1000 @ 700/1100
2x32GB Raptor RAID1
2x160GB Caviar RAID0
1x80GB USB backup Spinpoint
700W Fortron Epsilon
Compucase mATX

24/6/08 1:56:07 PM

Quote by PC FREAK
Please dont bump threads that are old. The last post was 24/10. If you wish to add somthing create a new thread and reference the old thread :)

Also welcome to Atomic, please take the time to read teh FAQ. It has all the stuff you really need to know about atomic in it :)


Cheers Pc freak :)

Edited by PC FREAK: 14/1/2007 10:02:28 AM

Why? I just read the whole thing and gleaned info I otherwise wouldn't have dug out or gotten without a new thread.
Im not being a smartarse, but I always have wondered why digging out old threads is frowned upon.

Begone... This is not for your Brains..

27/7/08 10:51:45 PM

I had my e6400 oc at 2.7 for 3 weeks now, i just did this oc tonight to 3.0 without the ram timing because i have ddr2 800 ram already and the temp has only gone up 2 degrees more..

awesome shit

Intel E6400 @ 2.2 OC @ 2.8
TUNIQ TOWER 120 Cooler
4GB DDR2 800 Kingston HyperX
Gigabyte P35-DS4 REV1.0
BFG TECH 8800GT 512 OC
Coolermaster 600WATT iGREEN PSU
Coolermaster Stacker 832 Case
WinXP Pro Service Pack 3

22/8/08 7:58:27 PM

CPU: E6400
RAM: Kingston ValueRAM DDR2 667

I've tried today (after two unsuccessful previous attempts) & had some luck at last.....

Currently running Orthos on both the RAM & CPU with the following settings...

CPU: 2800Mhz (8 x 350)
RAM: 350Mhz, 5-6-6-17

I'm a little worried about the voltage though. I never tweaked the CPU/Mem voltage, but they've gone up to:
CPU: 1.43v
RAM: 2.10v

Are those voltages healthy?

System Voltage Control was set to Auto, hence those higher voltages. I then set it to Manual, started with FSB: 333, Multi: 7, RAM: 333 & a 1 hour OCCT test was stable.

Now testing Multi: 8 (2664Mhz) & may hit the RAM later....finally, some success.

(I think the System Voltage Control should've been included in this guide btw).

Edited by Milano: 30/8/2008 12:40:28 PM

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